Silver Spring MD Has So Many Great Restaurants To Try Out
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Silver Spring MD Has So Many Great Restaurants To Try Out

Silver Spring, Maryland is the city we are visiting this time, and we are going to have a blast, virtually speaking of course. We are touring four restaurants coming up, and I think you are going to like these top picks. You are talking about all kinds of great eats, and you will agree for sure. Let’s see how Silver Spring MD stacks up to other Maryland cities when it comes to the top restaurants.

La Malinche is the first top pick we are going to take a look at today. It is on Colesville Road, and it is a tapas restaurant. Review highlights mention that La Malinche is a great place to eat brunch. The only con people say is that the tapas are small portions, but it is a top rated restaurant. You also are privy to unlimited drinks, so that is an interesting combination.

Now let’s take a stroll on over to another top restaurant in Silver Spring called Floriana, located on 17th Street. Now, you might look up this restaurant and see that it is in Washington DC. Well, that just gives you a good idea. If you are in Silver Spring MD, why not visit Washington DC? If you do, you can enjoy some great Italian food if you stop by Floriana.

Cubanos is another great establishment, and it is located on Fidler Lane. You should know already that this is a place to get a good Cuban sandwich. There are plenty of other delicious dishes to enjoy as well, so see what awaits you at Cubanos in Silver Spring. I think you are really going to like these next pick, too, simple but enticing.

The restaurant is called The Classics, and it is found on Colesville Road. This is a steakhouse, and it is also a great place to get a burger. What else are you in the mood for when it comes to food? There are great Mexican restaurants in Silver Spring MD, and there are also great seafood restaurants you know. I’ll give you one more, Greek Village Restaurant on New Hampshire Avenue. They serve up a Greek salad, gyro platter, baklava and more. Okay, that was four restaurants and a bonus in Silver Spring, Maryland. Try to see if you can visit them all while you are there. Sometimes I make a recommendation at the end of which one I would try first, and I think this time, I would go with Floriana for some Italian cuisine.

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